Coach Huelsman has been Coaching Volleyball for a total of 18 years. She moved from NC in July of 2006, and was the Head Coach at Anson High School where in a 4 year span she turned their program around and made it to Elite 8 in State Playoffs. She made playoffs every year at Anson, won Region in 2005 for the first time in School History. It had been 30 years since their program had made it to State Playoffs. She and her husband relocated to Warner Robins when he retired from the Navy after 20 years of service and was hired by Armstong in Macon.

She was an assistant Softball Coach at HOCO her first year in 2006, and assistant Basketball as well. In 2007, she got back into Volleyball at HOCO as the JV coach and Assistant Varsity Coach to Tony Jones. In 2008, the program was turned over to her and she became the Head Coach for HOCO. IT was that year that she and Coach Thompson started coaching together, and came in 2nd in Region and made it to State Playoffs. Huelsman has made it to state every year and has several Region Championships, and has always been top 2 in Region with the exception of 1 year. Coach Huey started playing Volleyball in the 7th grade in South Korea where she grew up. She was a multi-sport athlete playing Basketball and Cheered. She Competed against Multiple Schools in Far East Asia, and won Several Far East Championships in Volleyball and Basketball.

She graduated from HS in 1987 in Korea and went to Charleston Southern University in Charleston SC. She played as an OH in HS, but was a DS in college where she earned her 1st start against Clemson University. Coach Huelsman loves Volleyball, but loves her Athletes even more. She keeps up with her former Bears and is extremely proud of all of them as they have taken theirl leadership skills from the court to their careers.